Learning Ext JS 4

From installing to deploying!

Before we started writing this book we thought about the issues we have faced when we started learning this framework. Over the years we have made many mistakes and faced a lot of troubles because of the lack of a good guide and unavailability of the proper documentation. We wrote this book thinking about the new developers, who want to dive into the library, and the way we would have liked to have a guide when we started.

The book is full of examples and images, we start from the very basic and cover every topic you should know from installing the library to deploying your project. At the end of the chapters you will have an small application that you can use in the real world to ramp your own project!

This book will help you to learn Ext JS from scratch, it would be better if you have some JavaScript knowledge. Knowledge of HTML and CSS3 would be helpful but not required.

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ePub files included

You can download the ePub version of the book from the PacktPub Library once you have purchased the book.

Dowload de code

You can download the working code for all the examples in this book in case you have issues running the snippets.

Paperback available

If you are like me you probably would like to have the paper version of this book so you can have it in your own library.

E-Book available

Make sure you get the digital version because there are two bonus chapters that you don't want to miss.

High quality images inside

We have added a lot of images so you can see the result you should get in the examples of this book.

Kindle Version

If you have a kindle you can get this book from amazon or from the oficial site at PackPub and then send the book to your kindle account.

About the Authors

Crysfel Villa is a Software Engineer with more than 7 years of experience with JavaScript on a daily basis. He started his career as a Web Developer working with HTML and basic JavaScript in the late nineties, but then he started focusing on Server Side technologies, such as PHP and Java J2EE. If you want to find more information about his work, you can follow him on Twitter (@crysfel) or download his Open Source projects from GitHub (crysfel).

Armando Gonzalez is a Software Engineer with more than 4 years of experience in developing enterprise applications with Ext JS. He has plenty of experience in server-side technologies like PHP, Java J2EE, Node JS, and ROR. Before he started with Ext JS he was a Java and PHP developer. If you want to know more about his work, you can follow him on Twitter (@manduks) or can watch his Open Source projects on Github (manduks).

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